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CAMO Fellowships

2024 K. Jill Rigby Fellowship Announced!

We are pleased to announce the following recipient of the 2024 K. Jill Rigby Fellowship. Congratulations to Dr. Mitchell Elliott for hir project: Defining genomic determinants of drug sensitivity and acquired resistance in triple negative breast cancer.

Supervising Institution: The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Toronto, ON.

This is CAMO’s first partnership with a private foundation to build on our commitment to promoting oncology research and training for the next generation of oncologists in Canada.

K. Jill Rigby was a writer, photographer, and producer who was on a journey with a rare subtype of breast cancer.

Through this partnership, she aims to inspire research into less researched types of breast cancer and ultimately improve outcomes for others dealing with rarer types of breast cancer where therapeutic options are limited. Her goal was to partner with CAMO to get outside of the big institutional boxes of philanthropic giving and to attract bright minds who also want to move beyond prescribed norms in cancer research.

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