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Current Oncology is an international, scientific, peer-reviewed, open access journal published monthly online by MDPI. Established in 1994, the journal represents a multidisciplinary medium for clinical oncologists to report and review progress in the management of this disease. Articles published in the journal typically contain information that is relevant directly to clinical oncology practice, and have clear potential for application to the current or future practice of cancer medicine. Current Oncology is indexed by important databases, including an Impact Factor score of 2.6, now rising to 176/241 (Q3) in the Oncology category. The 5-year Impact Factor is 2.9 (2022).

Availability of Financial Support for Members publishing in Current Oncology

Please note that all CAMO members are eligible for a discount of Article Processing Charges (APC) when publishing with our affiliated, open access journal Current Oncology. Please contact the CAMO Office for discount code or email Karen Irwin ( when submitting your paper, to let her know to apply the discount.

NOTE:  When you apply for research funding, please inquire whether your granting agency allows the costs of open access publishing, such as APCs, to be included in the grant budget.  More and more, granting agencies are encouraging or even requiring that all papers resulting from funded research must be published in Open Access journals.

More information about the journal can be accessed here.

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