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Executive & Committees



Dr. Desiree Hao
University of Calgary, Calgary, AB
E-mail: desiree.hao@ahs.ca

President Elect

Dr. Sharlene Gill
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
E-mail: sgill@bccancer.bc.ca


Dr. Stephen Welch

Western University, London, ON
E-mail: stephen.welch@lhsc.on.ca

Past President

Dr. Bruce Colwell
Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S
E-mail: Bruce.Colwell@nshealth.ca

Executive Director

Ms. Alexi Campbell
Canadian Association of Medical Oncologists
1309 Carling Ave, PO Box 35164 Westgate
Ottawa, ON K1Z 1A2
Tel: 613.415.6033
E-mail: info@camo-acom.ca


Annual Scientific Meeting

Co-chairs: Dr. Erin Powell & Dr. Jonathan Loree

Members: Dr. Bruce Colwell, Dr. Stephen Welch, Dr. Desiree Hao, Dr. Sharlene Gill, Dr. Ghazaleh Kazemi

Continuing Professional Development

Chair: Dr. Ghazaleh Kazemi


Chair: Dr. Bindi Dhesy-Thind

Members: Dr. David Dawe, Dr. Christine Simmons, Dr. John Paul McGhie, Dr. Tina Hsu, Dr. Melanie Seal


Chair: Dr. Christopher Lee

Members: Dr. Kara Laing, Dr. Renaud Whittom


Dr. Hal Hirte

Dr. Christopher Lee

Dr. Kara Laing

Dr. Renaud Whittom

Dr. Charles Butts

Dr. Bill Evans

Dr. Brian Weinerman

Dr. Michael Thirlwell

Dr. Glenwood Goss

Dr. Jean Maroun

Canadian Association of Medical Oncologists
1309 Carling Ave
PO Box 35164 Westgate
Ottawa, ON K1Z 1A2

Phone: 613.415.6033
Fax: 866.839.7501
Email: info@camo-acom.ca

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