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Canadian Association of Medical Oncologists
2025 Community Oncology Bursary Announcement


  • CAMO is pleased to announce a competition for a Community Oncology Bursary for a rotation at a rural/community site. The goals of the Community Oncology Bursary are to help increase the knowledge of pros and cons and interest in community oncology practice and to provide new exposure opportunities for trainees.
    • ELIGIBILITY: Medical Oncology Trainee (PGY4, PGY5) who must also be a CAMO member.
    • DURATION: The rotation must be part of Medical Oncology training, with a four-week time commitment and approved through their program. Proof of approval will be required.
    • EVALUATION: Applications will be screened by the CAMO head office for completeness and eligibly. Complete, eligible applications will then be subject to review by the fellowship committee, which will rank and recommend applications.  The bursaries are to be distributed throughout Canada.
    • SELECTION: Applications involving experience in more remote or underserved areas will be prioritized. As will applications involving supervisors who are CAMO members and those who treat a wider variety of disease sites.
    • DELIVERABLES: The successful applicant will be expected to submit a 1-page report on the experience and must acknowledge the assistance given by CAMO in any product that is the result of work done under this bursary.


  • A maximum of five (5) bursaries will be given depending on the number and quality of the applications.  Each bursary will have a value of $2,000 and is to be used for travel and living expenses.


A completed application form must be accompanied by the following attachments:
  • 1-page proposal which should include location, supervisor, what are you expecting to gain from this experience and how will this influence your career plan.
  • Applicant's CV, including any applicable publications.

All completed forms must be sent electronically in one consolidated PDF file to CAMO.


  • Rotations taking place between January & June 2025 | Application deadline: July 31, 2024 at 5pm (EST).
  • Rotations taking place between July & December 2025 | Application deadline: December 2, 2024 at 5pm (EST).
  • Primary applicants will receive a confirmation email of receipt of their application within 3 business days. 
  • The successful applicant(s) will be informed by email the week of October 7, 2024 & the week of January 13, 2025 with an announcement to the CAMO membership the following week (upon acceptance).


The application package has been sent via email with this priority announcement, and can also be obtained on the CAMO website or by contacting Ms. Alexi Campbell at the email address below.

Please send completed applications by email ONLY to:

Ms. Alexi Campbell
Managing Director
Canadian Association of Medical Oncologists
Tel: 613.415.6033

  Submission deadline: July 31, 2024 | 5pm EST

(rotations taking place between January & June 2025)

Canadian Association of Medical Oncologists

Phone: 613.415.6033

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